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Rice Cooker Can Not Only Be Used to Steam Rice!

Feb. 23, 2023
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Many people think that a small rice cooker can only be used to cook white rice, but in fact, a small rice cooker can be more than just a little bit functional. Here, please follow Vikaf to see the big function of a small rice cooker!


What are the functions of a rice cooker?


The main function of a rice cooker is to heat and keep warm, so it can be used to steam, boil, cook and stew, including steaming fish, steaming eggs, making soup, boiling rice, cooking porridge and stewing meat. However, there are many kinds of rice cookers. Traditional rice cookers can generally only cook rice and porridge, while smart rice cookers have more comprehensive functions.


Cooking rice and noodles


Vikaf Smart Rice Cooker Multi-functional Rice Cooker

Vikaf Smart Rice Cooker Multi-functional Rice Cooker


This is one of the main functions of a small rice cooker. White rice may not look appetizing, but you should know how excited people on the go are to see such a pot of white rice. In fact, cooking white rice and cooking noodles is the same, can be done with a small rice cooker, when cooking noodles, just wait until the water is boiling, then put the seasoning packets and noodles in turn, cooked and ready to go, simply not too good.


Cooking Porridge


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To cook a very good-looking porridge, but it takes a lot of effort Oh, even a simple white porridge, it takes a long time, the porridge is not just to say that simple. But as long as there is a small rice cooker in, things will actually not be so troublesome. Just put more water in the pot, put a drop of clean rice, you can cook a nutritious porridge, there are favorite ingredients, as much as you can add to it, grains and cereals porridge, lean meat porridge, pork porridge ...... how you like how to come, is so arbitrary. Whether you use porridge for breakfast or dinner, snack, are nutritious and healthy!


Grilled meat


Vikaf Multifunctional Commercial Smart IH Rice Cooker

Vikaf Multifunctional Commercial Smart IH Rice Cooker


Still envious of the Korean lettuce wrapped meat? Still struggling with the money you spend every time you go to the store to eat barbecue? Look over here! Yakiniku is actually very simple, and you can make it quickly. Brush the bottom of the pan with oil, turn on the cooking mode, don't watch TV and play games, just wait next to the rice cooker, after a few minutes, lay the sliced pork flat inside, fry until both sides are golden brown and then brush the sauce, wrap it with lettuce and you can eat it, it's super delicious.


Make cookies


35g of flour (the amount in one pot of rice cooker), a small amount of black sesame paste, and water, less than 1g of baking powder, baking soda and salt. Knead the dough, gouge it out with a grater, put it in the rice cooker and press the cook button, jump up and wait 8-10 minutes, flip it over. Press the cook button again, jump up and wait for 8-10 minutes, let it cool and serve.


See here you can not wait to try it, Vikaf commercial, household and other functions of the rice cooker for your selection! Leave us a message with your preferred shopping list!



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